Bytown Blues Update 2020 AGM Edition

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2020 Volunteers

We would like to take a moment to thank all our 2020 Season Volunteers, these Junior volunteers helped make the summer rugby possible for players between the ages of 8-18:

Jordan Beukeboom
Katie Bond
Rupert Bonham-Carter
Gillian Campbell
Matt Carter
Richard Davis
Joel Gibson
Michaela Haley
Sam Laggis
Nick Laggis
Sean Lynch
Tara Lynch
Dominic Rossi
Jim Shaw
Louise Smolska
Ryan Surgenor
Michael Yetman
Bianca Nairne
Peter Nesbitt
Sue Nesbitt

Give them a health department approved greeting next time you see them as that whole situation was a labour of love for all these people. Rugby would have been a lot more boring without the coaches and volunteers help!

2020 AGM

Well, 2021 is here and as you may know we have not had our 2020 AGM. Makes it a little tough when our season was severely disrupted and took the shape of something that we are not used to seeing. So we are calling it for January 23rd. If you want to see the financials before the time of the meeting please inform the board and we can get it out to you.

AGM 2020 Details:
Saturday January 23rd at 11:15am On Zoom or similar platform.

So for election in 2021 Board, the positions up for election will be:

VP Administration (legal advice, and great times at meetings)
VP Communications (this job, along with social media, and pictures and associated tasks)
VP Women (an area of growth for our club)

For those on the board (non-executive roles of) are elected every year:
Director of Rugby
Director of Communications

If you have any questions or anything to add to our mail-out that goes to 900 club members and alumni please reach out at


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