Bytown Blues Update November 20th 2018

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Bytown Blues Banquet and Awards Dinner

Held at the Red Lion on November 17th the 2018 Bytown Blues Awards and Banquet was a great success. We’d like to thank Kyle Labine for setting it up, his assistant Sullivan Abbot for helping Kyle and everyone who showed up to celebrate our clubs great year!!
Doug MacDonald 1XV MVP:
Steve Rowlands
Chris Shaw
New Senior Mens member of the year:
Alex Charest-Gagne
Most Improved player:
Ryan Bateman
Rookie to Mens From Junior:
Ethan Fairchild
John Russell Mens:
Gabe Casey (u19 Canada)
Gary Watson:
Sam Laggis
John Biewald:
Jeremy Nesbitt
Boggy Award:
Palm Bay Players of the Year:
John Shaw, Steve Rowlands. and Phil Moorcroft

Blues 2018 AGM:

Ever wonder how the club is doing in general? Registration up or down? How the budget is going? What our involvement in Twin Elm is? Our cost? Questions about how the club is run, expenses budgeted? Or just love to hear the President wax poetically over the state of the club.

How about a $12 brunch at Lorenzo’s (coffee, eggs, bacon, sausages buffet style…)?

The following positions are up for nomination:

1) VP Administration
2) VP Communications

3) all directors positions (they are 1 year appointments, and are chosen every year)
– Director of Communications
– Director of Rugby
– Secretary
– Treasurer
– Registrar
4) Unofficial volunteer positions:
– merchandise
– social committee
– child protection officer

To apply for these positions, you will need someone to nominate you at the meeting (Kurt Dingwall is always available to nominate someone for anything at any time). Please email your name to our secretary (Ted Moffitt)

Date: Saturday, Dec 1, 2018

Time: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Location: Lorenzo’s Restaurant (Arch Street)
Cost: $12 brunch (optional)

Bytown Blues SpreadShirt Store

In a new initiative for the club to get more garments in the hands of our members without a large delay we’ve put our logo on some “SpreadShirt” items for you. The turn around for items bought seem to be within 5 days and ships right to your door with which ever shipping options you pick. Canada Post willing of course.


Reply back to this email with any questions you may have.


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