Bytown Blues Update April 10th 2018

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Winter Training


Where: Lees Dome

200 Lees Ave, Ottawa, ON K1S 5S9

When: Saturday 1745-1900

Cost: 10$ per sessions (we have parking passes so free parking!!)

TERP Renovation Sunday: Round 2

Work on renovating TERP for the 2018 season has only just begun. Building on the success of our March 25th, our second Renovation Day event will take place on Sunday April 15th from 11am to 3pm.

The To Do list for this event includes:

1) drywall replacement on the ceiling in the bar
2) washing walls
3) mudding/repairing all the small holes
4) possible installation of new laminate flooring (pending arrival of new flooring material)
Especially important to this work is finding a knowledgeable volunteer in our community with expertise in drywall repair.
Clubs/volunteers will need to bring gloves, buckets, rags, paint scrappers and mudding knives, a power drill, drywall knives, and other relevant tools as available.

As before, further renovation days will be happening in April and possibly May until the work is complete. Details to come.

Please contact Jim Shaw ( or Lee Powell to sign up.

See you on Sunday!

EORU Mens Team Selection

For any senior players who wish to be considered to play for the EORU Sr Men representative team; we would ask that each club’s senior men’s coach contact Craig Workman (EORU Sr Men’s General Manager) with a list of eligible players.
The following set of criteria (any one of the three) should be used when selecting your candidates:
  • Play in the RQ Superleague,¬†OR
  • Play in RO Premiership/Championship League¬† OR
  • Have been identified on a recognized HP team (EORU, RQ, CRC, Rugby Canada, Rugby Ontario etc)¬†OR
  • Could benefit from exposure by selectors of higher levels‚Ķ. Youth being a priority
There will be 2 identification sessions held
  • 2 Identification sessions (players must attend at least 1)
    • Ottawa ID session:¬†April 14¬†at Ottawa U dome,¬†6-7 PM¬†‚Äď Led by Elkie, (Scott/Worsley to attend if possible)
    • Kingston ID Session:¬†April 21¬†at outdoor field TBD in Kingston ‚Äď Elkie to Attend if possible


  • Selection of roster to follow ID sessions and have one group training at location TBD, but likely on weekend of May 5th
  • 1st¬†Game to be played on May 12th.


We are looking forward and ahead to the 2018 rugby season. The system is up an running, and can be accessed
through our website here.
On April 7th, Rugby Canada unilaterally increased their membership fees. This fee is across the board and applies
to anyone registering on or after April 7th this year; player, coach, manager, match official. We urge you to read
Rugby Canada news link here, which explains their position and reasons behind the drastic measure.
Here is Rugby Ontario’s, our provincial union’s, response to the increase¬†here.
For those already registered there is no change.
The total increase amounts to a 4-6% increase in overall dues. We continue to strive to bring you the most
economical, safest and rewarding programs to develop your love of this great game. We take pride in the programs
that we offer and always look to improve where possible.
From the club’s perspective, it is not something that we have control over. We empathize with Rugby Canada’s
Senior Men’s team and their predicament, and hope that they can overcome their adversities and prevail on the pitch.
The club had setup the 2018 budget back in January and February timeframe. In preparation for the fun and challenging 2018
season, we have already begun incurring expenses for the programs. We do not have the resources to handle such a change
late in the game.
If you wish to contact me, please do so at Jim Shaw. On this and any other matter you wish to discuss

As per usual if you have any questions or want to provide additional information feel free to email us at If you would like to submit content to this newsletter or help in covering Blues Events please also send us an email.


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