Registration is Now Live – Bytown Blues Update February 10th 2018

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Our new Sportlomo registration site is now up and running. You can register for 2018 summer season! You can access from our website, or here. (

For the vast majority of registrants, when you register you will check off all the age grade categories for the players you are registering (simple registration). Each age grade and management position has an entry for ONLY that specific role. Match Official is for referee registration.

If you are registering as player and management role (coach, manager, referee, board member) there are packages which combine the roles (either player and multiple management roles, or multiple management roles).

We have a help document for registration on our web site which can be downloaded here

Winter Training

Every Saturday night 6 – 7 pm, except Feb 24 (5-6pm). Check our events calendar online here.

Twin Elm Fundraising

Twin Elm has set up a “Go Fund Me” page to help raise funds for much needed work and repairs on the building. If you have the means to donate please do so, you can find out more about the fundraising here.

Twin Elm will be setting up a fundraising event on Saturday, March 24th, as part of the fundraising activities. The main purpose of the event is to raise money for the park. Lee Powell will be presenting the business plan for the future of your park; and it would be a great opportunity to get your questions answered, bring your checkbook! More details to follow (check

Twin Elm Snow Bowl Event 2018

Twin Elm is organising a “Snow bowl” touch event at the Park. It will be held on Feb 24th (12:30 – 2:00 PM). The tournament is open to all players registered through Rugby Canada. The deadline for registration is Feb 20th. For more information please go here.

Please note that the AGM will be also held at the park beforehand.

Twin Elm AGM

Twin Elm is having its 2017 AGM, on Saturday, Feb 24th from 11 am – 12 pm. The board is looking for new members to help run the park, please volunteer to support the park, more info here.

TERP Wall of Fame

Twin Elm is looking to restart the Wall of Fame at the park, to honour those in the rugby community who have helped represent Rugby in our region, both on and off the field. The deadline for nominations is Feb 17th. The awards will be presented on Sat Feb 24th, after the Snow Bowl.

Criteria and info required:

  1. The name and date any player played for Canada. This means playing in an international and being capped. It doesn’t include Canada A, Maple Leafs, playing for Canada against club or rep teams on a tour etc. Doesn’t matter what age group. Hopefully we won’t leave anyone out.
  2. The name of anyone from the rugby community who has passed away and who had made a large contribution to the overall rugby community.


  1. Player Category; The name and background information for someone who has made an outstanding contribution and demonstrated excellence in the promotion of rugby football within the Twin Elm Community.
  2. Officials Category;(not just referees) The name and background information for some who has made an outstanding contribution to the promotion of rugby football within the Twin Elm Community.
  3. Builders Category; outstanding contribution by individuals or organizations in the promotion of rugby football within the Twin Elm Community.

As per usual if you have any questions or want to provide additional information feel free to email us at If you would like to submit content to this newsletter or help in covering Blues Events please also send us an email.



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