Bytown Blues Update March 8th 2017

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Blues Winter Training

Pretty quiet week with the Blues. So get ready to train at 1645 so we can hop right on the field.

Winter training continues this Saturday with the senior men, who are encouraging the juniors to join them. With 10 sessions, at the Lees Dome, we should have a great ability to keep our bodies ready for the season. These are full contact training sessions, with coaches being present and fun guaranteed. It is a 10$ drop in fee. JUNIORS ARE ENCOURAGED TO JOIN AND PARTICIPATE.


Saturday 5:00 – 6:00 PM

Jan 7 – Apr 8
1/3 of the field

EORU Mens Team Training

After last years successful 2-0 run the Rep side is back for 2017. we had 11 various blues representing EORU in the 2 game last year and hopefully that number will grow. We have an amazing history of sending players to EORU in mens and Junior.

EORU Full Write up can be found HERE


Blues Kukri Custom Store

The winter sale is incoming, a chance to order custom Blues Kit.

This year we plan on having rain jackets, track pants, Bucket hats and playing gear. Keep your ear to the ground as the store will be open for 2 weeks.

Communications Coordinators for the 2017 Season

So the Comms team is looking for volunteers to  help with content for the 2017 season across all our teams. This includes Photos and Game Reports or Match summaries, the name is still in focus group testing. These items would all be published on our website and spread across our network, mostly going out on the Tuesday of each week. We are looking to connect everyone in the club with the results and successes of all teams across the club. This would include:

  • Score, location, league
  • Line-up for the game
  • Scorers
  • 250 words on how the game went
  • Clear blues bias is allowed and encouraged

If you’re interested in helping the club out you can fill out this google form HERE¬†

Also, speaking of Photos, you can find all photos associated with the Blues hosted on Flickr HERE

As per usual if you have any questions or want to provide additional information feel free to email us at


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