Bytown Blues Update February 15th 2017 – Winter is Here Edition

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So I Guess we have a rude reminder that winter in the nations capital contains a lot of snow. Hopefully all of you got around alright out there in the winter wonderland.

Blues Winter Training

Week 6 of the Mens training continues this Saturday at 445pm at lees dome! Amazing effort put forward on all the participants parts, so lets keep that train rolling.

Winter training continues this Saturday with the senior men, who are encouraging the juniors to join them. With 10 sessions, at the Lees Dome, we should have a great ability to keep our bodies ready for the season. These are full contact training sessions, with coaches being present and fun guaranteed. It is a 10$ drop in fee. JUNIORS ARE ENCOURAGED TO JOIN AND PARTICIPATE.


Saturday 5:00 – 6:00 PM

Jan 7 – Apr 9
1/3 of the field

Former Blues Member Playing for Georgia 7s

Former Blues and Ridgemont HS player Revaz Jinjikhadze is playing on the Georgia Sevens team. After moving back to Georgia in 2013 or 2014 he has now made it to the International Scene. Having played along side Rivaz for a couple seasons, we would like to wish him all the luck and success in his trek to the world stage.

You can find him listed on the 7s Team Roster HERE

Canada Mens 7s Loses funding for 2017

Due to the mens abysmal performances in 2016 including failing to qualify for Rio 2016 (which included a 21-19 loss to the great rugby nation of Germany) has removed them from the recommended funding list for the fiscal year of 2017/1018. While this is disheartening, it is not unexpected.  This is how the Own the Podium modal is set up, reward those who are doing well, and send a wake up call to those who are under-performing.

Full Rugby Canada Statement can be found HERE

Try Rugby Free Rugby Sessions!


The Bytown Blues and Ottawa Irish are teaming up to bring more kids into rugby!! We have organised days for new players to try out our favourite sport by offering Co-ed games For new and returning players, 4-12 Years of age. These will occur on the last Saturday of the Month. There will be senior men players present for the Blues Sessions to talk to parents and to help with drills and rugby!


February 25th, 5-6 pm, University of Ottawa

March 25th, 9-10 am, Hornet’s Nest, Bearbrook Road

April 29th, 9-10 am, Hornet’s Nest, Bearbrook Road

To register, please Contact: or

Blues Classics Recruitment

Blues Classics have registered to play in the Vintage Rugby Carnival. We need to start putting a team together.
It would be good to get someone to coordinate the team, separate from the organizing committee.
The age group is 40+. There are two levels of play; competitive which has regular rucking, line outs etc OR social where short line outs has everyone on their knees, no competitive lineouts, scrums etc. The draft itinerary has Opening Ceremony and reception on the Sun. Aug 20 late afternoon. The reception includes food, beer and wine; Mon is a rugby day; one game with the opportunity to play with other teams or drink beer with 600 rugby friends; Tues we are looking at an International Business Reception, free food, beer and wine for those who register; Wed another rugby day; Fri a rugby day and Sat night a banquet with food, beer and wine included. There may be other activities which are not included in the price such as the Craft Beer Festival or a Red Blacks game if there is one scheduled.
The cost per player for the weeks activities is $350.00. This includes the above mentioned plus the hidden costs to put the event on: tent rentals, entertainment, athletic therapists etc
If you are interested in participating please e-mail

Communications Coordinators for the 2017 Season

So the Comms team is looking for volunteers to  help with content for the 2017 season across all our teams. This includes Photos and Game Reports or Match summaries, the name is still in focus group testing. These items would all be published on our website and spread across our network, mostly going out on the Tuesday of each week. We are looking to connect everyone in the club with the results and successes of all teams across the club. This would include:

  • Score, location, league
  • Line-up for the game
  • Scorers
  • 250 words on how the game went
  • Clear blues bias is allowed and encouraged

If you’re interested in helping the club out you can fill out this google form HERE¬†

Also, speaking of Photos, you can find all photos associated with the Blues hosted on Flickr HERE

As per usual if you have any questions or want to provide additional information feel free to email us at


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