Bytown Blues Update January 4th 2017

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Welcome to 2017 everybody.

Blues Winter Training

Winter training starts this Saturday¬†with the¬†senior men, who are encouraging the juniors to join them. With 10 sessions, at the Lees Dome, we should have a great ability to keep our bodies ready for the season. These are full contact training sessions, with coaches being present and fun guaranteed. It is a 10$ drop in fee if you don’t want to pay the 100$ up front, but you will not be able to train without paying. JUNIORS ARE ENCOURAGED TO JOIN AND PARTICIPATE.


Saturday 5:00 – 6:00 PM

Jan 7 – Apr 9
1/3 of field

Etransfer the money to Cecilia ( or make alternate arrangement with her.

Club Dues Can Be Paid Early (Jan)

Through the hard work of Jim Shaw and Cecilia Nicol, we have made it possible to pay 75$ a month from January to June ($450) to pay your dues. This was envisioned in order to give people a better budgeting tool for the year. This also allows us to gain some capital before April in order to secure ATs and Travel. With us staying in the Prem League we will have 1 additional away game this year, increasing our travel costs and most likely, increasing our club dues. The budget has not been set, so there may be some room on that, but it is looking like they will be increasing.

Once again for most monetary subjects, Cecilia (, is your first port of call.

VP Womens Rugby and other positions still open

The Executive is still looking for a volunteer for our VP Womens Rugby position. This does not guarantee a womens team, but with the strength of our junior program we would be looking to first starting a junior womens program.

We are also looking for a social director and a Communications director. Please let us know if you have anyone in mind for these roles.

As per usual if you have any questions or want to provide additional information feel free to email us at


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