Bytown Blues Update August 9th 2016

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Senior Men lose in Ste-Annes

1VX took a 38-29 loss earning them a 4 try bonus point, this brings them to a 6-2 record with 31 points in the table. 2XV suffered a 20-8 loss on the day. Top 3 of the 1XV table looks like this after the weekend at my best approximation:

1 Bytown Blues 31 7 0 8 6 0 2
2 Mtl Irish 25 3 0 8 6 0 2
3 Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue 24 3 0 8 5 0 3

All this following the 5 Point win Ste-Annes had over the Blues at Ste-Annes and the Mtl Irish getting a tie against Quebec City. Puts The Blues still 6 points up on the Mtl Irish for first place in the Super league.

For the “Reserves” also known as the 2XV after the loss on by both the Blues and the Mtl Irish on Saturday means the top of table looks like this.

1 Bytown Blues 31 7 0 8 6 0 2
2 Mtl Irish 30 6 0 8 6 0 2
3 Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue 28 8 0 8 5 0 3

Saturday August 13th vs Ottawa Irish

The cross town rivalry continues as this Saturday at Twin Elm Rugby Park the Bytown Blues take on the Ottawa Irish. With a 5 Point Win the Bytown Blues would be guaranteed the Super League Title.

When: 1330 and 1500 on Saturday

Where: Twin Elm Rugby Park

Bytown Blues U16 and u18 vs Eltham U16 and u18

Taking Place Tonight at 1800 and 1915 the Juniors are taking on the touring side Eltham.

Where: Canterbury High School

When: 1800 for the U16 and 1930 for the U18

As per usual if you have any questions or want to provide additional information feel free to email us at If you’d like to help the comms team by writing post match reports and handling some merchandising on game day shoot us an email.

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