Bytown Blues Update April 26th 2016

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Training Times this week:


  • 1830 to 2000h
  • Vincent Massey Park


  • 1830 to 2000h
  • Vincent Massey Park

Saturday: Exhibition Vs Ste Anne’s

  • Saturday, April 30 Blues vs Ste Anne’s (2 games)
  • Location: Lester B Pearson
  • Time: 1:30 and 3:00 PM
  • Social: Pub 101 afterwards


We are expecting to field 3 senior men’s teams this year. Our 1st and 2nds in the Super League and our

3rds in the EORU division I. We need people to get registered ASAP. All registration is online.
As Bytown Blues players you have demonstrated your dedication to the game, your club and your teammates.
You have dominated EORU juniors for the past 7-9 years at U16 and U18. You have excelled by placing fellow
teammates on the Voyageurs U19, Ontario and Canada U16, U18, U19 and U20 representative sides, year after year.
It is well within your capabilities to dominate the FRQ Super League.
Last year the Blues arrived in the Super League, this year WE take it!

FRQ News:

FRQ is imposing player registration numbers for all clubs in the FRQ league, not just Quebec based clubs.
Dave Best at EORU (President) is continuously, exhaustively, working at rectifying this situation and trying
to get to a reasonable compromise.
For now we need 44 players registered, ASAP. Registration is online, your account is the same as you had last year.
It should only take 5-10 minutes to register as all your information is in the system, located here.
Please make sure that you download a picture, if none provided last year (mostly for new players to men’s rugby). If
you have any questions please contact Cecilia

Blues Classics:

Apparently we have 22 interested players in playing some Old Boys games. You can also register online here.
If you are only interested in Old Boys games.
Please select Athlete (if exec or coach, select Athlete/Management), then Masters.
If you wish to also play 3rds for the club (over 35 years), you can select Senior Rugby, then select “Old Boys/Student rate”

Mini’s, U12 and U14

We start U12 co-ed and U14 practices next week, May 2,4,9,11 and possibly 16th at Brantwood Park
6:30 – 8:00 pm.
Bring mouthguard, cleats, shorts and sturdy shirt and water bottle
Rookie Rugby will be starting on May 18th
All rookie rugby and U12/14 practices after May 16 or 18 will be at Canterbury HS

Friday Night Touch

We have secured Canterbury HS Monday to Friday. We will be starting up a Friday night Touch rugby. More details to follow.

Exhibition Games:

Saturday, April 30 Blues vs Ste Anne’s (2 games)
Location: Lester B Pearson
Time: 1:30 and 3:00 PM
Social: Pub 101 afterwards
Saturday May 7th: 12:00 Blues vs Lanark
1:30 Barrhaven Scottish vs Toronto Scottish II
3:00 Blues vs Toronto Scottish I
Venue, TBD

Lieutenants Pump:

The Pump has returned as our club pub. They are sponsoring us with a percentage payback at end of year (John has prepaid
$1K to the club as an advance for our patronage). Many Blues Old Boys (past presidents included) gather every Friday late afternoon
and early evening. So come out and show your Blues colours.
Introduce yourself as a Blues player/supporter/groupie when arriving, your bill will be placed in a “Blues” folder to be tallied at the end of the year.
Blues players and supporters always support their club, their fellow player and their pub. We pay our bills and treat staff respectfully.

As per usual if you have any questions or want to provide additional information feel free to email us at

Comms Team out.


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