Bytown Blues Update April 13th 2016

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Training times for this week:

Thursday April 14

  • 1830 to 2000h
  • Vincent Massey Park
  • Coaches, Schmidt and Elkington in attendance

Saturday April 16

  • 1630 to 1800
  • Vincent Massey Park
  • Coaches Tomlinson and Workman in attendance

News update

EORU is planning on having mens team open training on Sunday April 17th from 2pm to 4pm at Beckwith Recreational Complex in Carleton Place. Thye would like to remind people that this is on an artificial turf so now metal cleats are supposed to be allowed.

No one is sure why it it being held all the way in Carleton, so far from Ottawa, and even Twin Elm, but hey, they most likely have a good reason. Hopefully a  lot of men make it out so that there is a quality session.

More information can be found at: THIS LINK

As per usual if you have any questions or want to provide additional information feel free to email us at

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