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On the sunny and warm day of December 6th 2015 the Bytown Blues Rugby Football Club had their Annual General Meeting. At this we discussed the maintenance and administration work of the club and the direction people plan to take the club in the next 2 years. President and the VPs all gave annual reports and summations of their departments, along with plans for the future. There was elections held for all the director positions, (Rugby, Communications, Secretary, and Treasurer) as well as President, VP Rugby, and VP Finance.

Bytown Blues Board post AGM

  • Executive Board

    • President: Jim Shaw
    • VP Rugby Lee Powell
    • VP Administration: Brian Elliot
    • VP Communications: Ryan Surgenor
    • VP Finance: Seeking Qualified Applicants (financial background is preferred)
  • Board of Directors

    • Treasurer: Cecilia Nicol
    • Director, Rugby: Open
    • Director, Communications: Open
    • Secretary: Open

VP Financial Still Open

As mentioned above the position of VP financial is currently open and the Board is seeking people to fill the position.

Roles and Responsibilities are as follows:

  • Prepare annual budget for the Club
  • Manage and report on the Club budget throughout the year;
  • Form and Chair any committees deemed by the Board of Directors to support their role;
  • Responsible for sponsorship development and procurement;
  • Responsible for fundraising plans and implementation;
  • Manage the duties of the Treasurer;
  • Liaise and report to the Club on the budget management of TERP;
  • Prepare unaudited financial statement for the Annual General Meeting.

Please email for any further questions.


Dome Sessions

In continuing our tradition of trying to play rugby in the Canadian Winter, the Bytown Blues are hosted full Mens sessions at the Lees Dome at the uOttawa Campus on Saturday Nights. These session will be fully coached, planned and may include contact. This is open to all EORU rugby players who are looking to improve skills and play some rugby during the winter.


  • Saturday 6 – 7 pm
  • Jan 2 – March 5th (10 sessions)


  • Lees Avenue Dome
  • Lees Campus,¬†200, Lees Avenue,¬†Ottawa ON,¬†K1S 5S9


  • 100$for 10 sessions
  • 125$ cost if you are not currently registered with Rugby Canada (includes session cost)
  • Email transfers can be sent to:¬†



See you at training



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