Official AGM Announcement and Events for Fall/Winter

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AnnualĀ General Meeting

The Bytown Blues Annual General Meeting will take place December 6th 2015 at the Royal Oak Canal. All the VPs will be giving end of year reports and election for roles will be held. Up for election this year are the following roles and responsibilities:

President (2 Year Term):
– Chair all Executive Committee and Board of Directors meetings;
– Represent the Club to the EORU, RO, RC, or any other rugby union or governing body;
– Serve as an ad-hoc member of all Club committees;
– Represent the Club at the Twin Elm Rugby Park Board (TERP);
– Be responsible for the activities of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors;
– Responsible for ensuring that Club articles and by-laws are implemented.

VP Technical (2 Year Term):
– Represent the Club on the EORU Games Committee activity;
– Maintain a Coaches Manual of the current policies and procedures of the Club specific to playing the game;
– Form and Chair any committees deemed, by the Board of Director to support their role;
– Establish coaches for Club teams and programs;
– Responsible for coach and player development opportunities;
– Liaise with EORU, RO, RC on all aspects of the playing of the game;
– Manage the duties of the Director of Rugby;
– Plan and assist Club rugby tours

VP Finance (1 Year Term):
– Prepare annual budget for the Club;
– Manage and report on the Club budget throughout the year;
– Form and Chair any committees deemed by the Board of Directors to support their role;
– Responsible for sponsorship development and procurement;
– Responsible for fundraising plans and implementation;
– Manage the duties of the Treasurer;
– Liaise and report to the Club on the budget management of TERP;
– Prepare unaudited financial statement for the Annual General Meeting.

Secretary (2 Year Term):
– Works with VP Administration;
– Records minutes of Executive, Board, Annual General Meeting and Special General Meetings;
– Distributes minutes to all officers of the Club;
– Maintains a record of all meetings and special proceedings of the Club;
– Notifies Club members of meeting dates, times and locations;
– Maintains a list of all Club members and their contact information.

Treasurer (1 Year Term):
– Works with VP Finance;
– Maintains the financial books of the Club;
– Provides a financial report for each Executive Committee and Board of Directors meetings;
– Prepares a year-end financial report for the Annual General Meeting;
– Maintains the banking process for the Club; deposits and withdrawals.

Director of Technical (1 Year Term):
– Works with VP Technical;
– Assists with maintaining training facilities;
– Manages training and team equipment;
– Coordinates style of play with coaches of all teams as defined in the Bytown Blues Coaches Manual;
– Coordinates scores/results reporting of teams to the EORU and/or other league authorities.

Director of Communications (1 Year Term):
– Works with VP Communications;
– Coordinates the writing of articles and publication on Club activities;
– Coordinates photos and publication of Club activities;
– Coordinates distribution of Club information to Club members;
– Publicizes Club activities to outside groups;
– Coordinates management of the web site and other social media tools.

Player Meeting

A Player meeting has been called by Captains for Monday November 2nd at 7pm at the Georgetown Pub on Bank st. A TeamSnap notification has gone out so that it will be easier for players to remember to attend.

Planned discussion includes:

  • Commitment of players and coaches
    • Expectation of players going forward
  • Selection Criteria
  • More opportunities for players to get involved
  • Player retention and recruitment
  • Communication with captains, coaches, and executive
  • Goal setting

Awards Banquet and Dance

Mark it on your calendars because the Banquet and Dance has been tentatively scheduled forĀ Friday, January 29th. Location and exact time are currently in the works but we ask that you keep aware of the date so that we can have a successful event.


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