Bytown Blues Update for March 17th 2015

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Happy St Paddy’s day everyone. The day when everyone in the Ottawa Rugby Community can call them selves Irish.

Training times this week are the same as last week while we finish off the high school March break session:

2 Hour Rugby Touch at Lees Dome:

  • When: 1600-1800 Saturday March 14
  • Who: Any and all Rugby Players in Ottawa (Men, Women, all ages)
  • Cost $5 for Junior and $15 for Adults.
  • Facebook Event¬†<– Click Link

Club: CSAD Training (open to all club members)

  • Time: Monday 18:00-19:00
  • CSAD Gym: ‚ÄúUnit 1, 1665 Russell Rd, Ottawa, Ontario, K1G 4B8‚Ä≥

Message from the President

Outgoing president:


As some of you may have heard Dave Best has accepted the role of President EORU for 2015. I would like to thank Dave, and Curtis as well, for all of their efforts in rebuilding our club. Without their efforts, and so many others, our club would not be in such a strong position both on and off the field.


Both Curtis and Dave remain a strong voice on our board. Curtis, who is now President of TERP, and Dave,¬†will remain as Director’s at large within our board. They remain on our board and provide us with much needed¬†advice and continuity in management.


Dave’s main emphasis will be in organizing EORU into a more accountable and effective union board. As well, Curtis’ main emphasis will be helping to guide and steer Twin Elm out of its current financial quagmire. Our club has shown strong leadership on the field and has garnered the respect of our opponents. As well, we have garnered¬†much respect and, admiration, at the strength of our programs (Junior boys and senior men, winter program, etc…).


We must always strive to be at our best, and to remain one step ahead of our competition. And with Dave and Curtis¬†in their new roles, the “real” Blues are demonstrating our resolve to not only better our club, but also that of EORU and TERP.¬†For our club does benefit from a stronger EORU and TERP.


New president:


When I first starting playing for the Blues in 1979, I had just finished grade 11, playing rugby at Ridgemont High School.¬†We did not have a junior program, I played 3rds. At practice and at games I introduced myself as Boggy’s little brother.¬†My first game at Twin Elm, I stepped into the Blues change room, a wee bit timid and shy. If you can believe it I was actually quiet.


As I walked into the room, John Russell, probably in his 50s, is lying stretched out, ala Burt Reynolds, a wry smile, a cigarette in one hand, his knee bandaged up for support and the alluring aroma of A535 wafting through the room. After the game, I walk back in and the only difference for John was a bit more dirt on him.


Welcome to the Blues!


2015 Season:


2015 promises to be an exciting and prosperous year for our club. Our senior men have attained their initial goal of returning to the Super League in the FRQ. A well deserved accomplishment for the players, coaches and managers.


But the motto of the the Blues is ADVANCE. This does not only mean moving forward on the field; it applies to all facets of our club.


Senior Men 3rds:


Our club is committed to fielding a 3rds team this year, and a round of applause to Evan Walsh who has stepped up to coach the side. Our club is both young and dynamic. We have many kids graduating each year from our strong junior program. We need a safe and  competitive avenue for them to thrive and enjoy the game.


Blues Classics (Old Boys):


2015 marks the return of the BOBs (Blues Old Boys), and a great round of applause for ¬†Gregory “Wheels” Mackay for stepping up and¬†rousing an interest in our old boys community. To that end, we will some Old Boys wishing to also suit up for our 3rds to help “guide”¬†our younger players in our club traditions and ethos while enjoying the great game of rugby. There will be two ways to register for “Old Boys”,¬†or Masters in RC parlance; one as a senior player (meant for 3rds and Old Boys) and one as a true Old Boys (over 35 league). More info on the¬†website about registration.


Minor Program:


2015 will see the addition of minor rugby to our club. We are starting a U12 co-ed contact rugby (born 2003-2004) this spring. A great thanks to Adrian Blackett for stepping up to help coach the program (I will help as well).


In 2015 we are also starting the Blues “Rookie Rugby”, formerly known as flag rugby. A great thanks to Jim and Karen Nordin, Lee Powell and¬†Ian “Duff” Bingeman for stepping up. Duff has graciously stepped forward to manage the program. They will also be heading off into¬†the schools within our main catchment area to help publicize both rugby and our club’s program. If you wish to help, please contact Duff or Lee.


We will be hosting one of the Mini festivals in EORU this year, so volunteers and assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Junior Program:


Last but certainly not least is our Junior program. I would like to thank Geoff, Boggy, Kerry, Lee, Kurt, Heavy, Jim Risk, Cecilia and all who have created, developed and nurtured the BEST junior rugby program in Eastern Ontario, if not Eastern Canada. Without their tireless and dedicated efforts our club would not be where we are today, PERIOD!


2015 looks to be another great year. We are looking to field 2 U16 and 2 U18 sides in the league. We are working on hosting 2 U16 and 2 U18¬†English and Scottish touring sides for our players. As well, the annual Blues trip to Balmy Beach is scheduled for June 13th. We will be¬†hosting Beaconsfield’s U16 & U18 this year, with the hope of expanding this to a 4 team U16 and 4 team U18 round robin event (work in progress).


Our club will be looking to expand into the Rugby 7’s realm of junior rugby this fall. Hopefully with Dave Best at the helm, EORU will be able¬†to start up a Fall 7s league. Work in progress.


Winter Program:


This winter saw the addition of U12, U14 and senior men to the winter program mix. Thanks to the funding we received from the Canadian Rugby¬†Foundation’s “Bridge the Gap Fund” we were able to start the U12 & U14 program with 10 participants. With the addition of mini’s and U12 to our spring¬†and summer season we look forward to more participants next year. As well, we will probably add sessions for the mini’s at winter to help keep¬†the momentum going.


We have had great turnouts for the Senior men at winter program this year, averaging 20-25 players. We hope to increase this number next year, and build upon our successes.


Two thoughts…


If you are still awake at the end of this long winded message, have you discerned a pattern? Whenever I mentioned “club” it is always OUR club. It is not¬†my club, Kurt’s club, Surge’s club, IT IS OUR CLUB. Take pride in it, we do not need to brag about our club’s exploits; our actions and our demeanour¬†are all the proof that is needed.


It was about mid-February, a bitter cold Saturday night, snow blowing outside. Inside the Ottawa University dome, our U12/14/16/18 and senior men were training over the entire pitch. I counted 2 U12/14 coaches, 3 U16/18 coaches, 3-4 senior men coaches and 70+ players. Just ask yourself, how many clubs can same the same?


Jim Shaw
Bytown Blues RFC – President


Registration is open. 

Yeah you heard it right. In record time of March, Rugby Canada and Rugby Ontario have gotten all their ducks in a row and have release the registration website to us. The link can be found  here:
¬†I’ve put up the full link so you can pass it around like good cheer on St Paddy’s Day.


The dues Structure is as Follows:




SOCIAL:            Р     $50.00
                           before May 1st    after May 1st
   FULL           Р      $450.00           $470.00
   STUDENT   Р       $375.00           $395.00
   MASTERS  Р       $250.00           $250.00     *** Over 35 players registered at senior level, to play 3rds ***
   VISITOR    Р          $70.00            $70.00
MASTERS   Р          $250.00          $250.00             ***** Only Old Boys matches *****
   U18 Boys         Р   $325.00          $345.00
   U16 Boys         Р   $325.00          $345.00
   U14 Boys         Р   $295.00          $315.00
   U12 Co-ed        Р   $200.00         $200.00
   U6-10 Co-ed     Р     $90.00           $90.00

Blues own John Shaw

Our own John Shaw of the illustrious Shaw clan won both his games in BC with¬†Canada U-20 vs Romania U-19 last week. With this “Emphatic Win” as Rugby Canada referred to it as HERE. John played Hook in both games and started the March 10th match while he came off the bench on the March 14th match.
Scores are as follows:
  • Canada U-20 vs Romania U-19: 21-9
  • March 10th ‚Äď Shawnigan Lake School


  • Canada U-20 vs¬†Romania U-19 36- 13
  • March 14th ‚Äď Westhills Stadium


The next 2 Canada U-20 games are against USA for qualifying for the World Juniors to represent North America. The games are on March 23rd at 18:30 ET and March 27th  at 22:00 ET. You can Stream them both live at


Long one today. This all means that the season is fast approaching. Everyone is excited for the now to melt and the Rugby Gods to allow us to play.

 As per usual if you have any questions or want to provide additional information feel free to email us at
Comms Team out.


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