Strategic Review Session Set for January 4th

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With our 2014 executive in place and the new year just around the corner, we look to the future this weekend to develop and set out our plans for the continual advancement of the Bytown Blues. As with our on-field successes, this is best done as a team, so we’re inviting all Blues and guests to a strategic planning session, January 4 at Algonquin College, 11:00am start.

What’s a Strategic Review and why is it needed? Simply, it’s an effort to put all the plans for the coming year, and the coming few years, together in one package, so the different aspects of the Club can and will work together. Our fundraising will match our expenses, our team goals will coincide with our corporate planning, our on-going social needs will be consistent with our sporting exploits.

There are many ways to do a review, and many of us have done them before, often over days or weeks. We’ll plan to do this one in ONE session, so come ready to discuss, accept and encourage ideas. We’ll NOT get bogged down in wordsmithing, but we will get a common thread to a Club Vision and Mission Statement. We’ll do that so we can move on to key areas for the club to focus on in the coming years, areas we can set goals and objectives to so we can more effectively put our Operations, be they sporting or corporate, into action. Together – we advance.

The event details can be found on Facebook.

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