Announcing the 2014 Executive Board

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With the dust settled from the annual general meeting on the weekend, we’re happy to announce who the brave men and women are that will be leading the charge on the 2014 executive board. With most of the major positions up for election, there was a chance that there would be a lot of new faces on the board.

Assuming new positions on the 2014 board
President – Dave Best
VP of Finance – Jim Shaw
Secretary – Brian Elliott
Director of Communications – Ryan Surgenor
Social Director – Mike Wolff

After successfully serving in the role of VP of Finance on the previous two boards, Dave Best moves on to President. This move meant that there would be a vacancy in the VP of Finance position, which was filled by Jim Shaw. Jim has previously been managing the junior program for the club. In the role of secretary will be Brian Elliott, who is new to the board. Also new is Ryan Surgenor. He’ll be joining the communications team. Finally, Mike Wolff will be taking on the duties of social director.

Continuing with their roles from 2013
VP of Administration – Steve Hicks
VP of Rugby – Lee Powell
Director of Rugby – Kurt Dingwall
VP of Communications – Mark Ward
Treasurer – Cecilia Nicol
Senior Men’s Coach – Geoff Tomlinson
Junior Program Manager – Jim Shaw

With Curtis Crawford’s five year term as President ending, he will be assuming more of an active role with the Blues Old Boys. The BOBs are an integral part of the club and we’re looking forward to what Curtis has in store.

Finally, thanks go out to the members of the board who have finished up their terms. Sara Sinclair as secretary/social, Einar Murchison with communications and Matt Haddad as social have all served the club well.

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